Ralf Kurtsiefer born 1969,

Composer for Media from Lohmar (near colonge). Composing Fantasy Music for more then 10 years. Mainly for Ulisses and Uhrwerk Verlag.

Warring Kingdoms Preview – Music of the Warring Kingdoms

Setting the mood is important for every story and in a lot of media, be it computer games or movies, a good soundtrack can be crucial. We know a lot you are already using music in their tabletop roleplaying as well. To help you doing that we created a soundtrack custom made to set the mood for the Warring Kingdoms.


Composer Ralf Kurtsiefer has created fantasy music for years and is an avid roleplayer himself. He has already brought many fantastic worlds to life with his compositions, and he will be the composer of the upcoming soundtrack for Torg Eternity.

We also got him on here to tell you a little bit about the music. If you want to have a listen while you read, click the link below:

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